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We believe that from the beginning of the design to the delivery, everything begins with inspiration - whether it's following the runway fashion, a dream idea or an art gallery rendezvous local. At Eastern Vogue, our product design and development team creates the look and feel of every season's apparel.


We develop and deliver samples within 5 working days. We are able to do this because we provide a detailed description to our sampling and manufacturing unit, which includes:

* Style and construction details,

* The size specifications,

* Samples and fabric supplier details (if any),

* Original samples.

Logistics and supply

A strong relationship with the major shipping and freight forwarders provides priority service to Eastern Vogue, so that your orders reach you in perfect conditions and on time.

Quality assurance in the countries of origin and in the UK guarantees the maintenance of our high production and packaging standards.

Customer service

We make an extra effort to ensure our high quality service, is part of everyday life at Eastern Vogue.

We provide support throughout the design, order and delivery process to meet each customer's expectations.

Quality assurance

The quality assurance process provides insight into how we approach the quality of clothing at Eastern Vogue. It includes all the necessary measures to provide good quality clothes to our customers.

We believe that quality starts from product development, where we provide the table of technical specifications and sizes to our sampling / manufacturing units. Our size specifications are sent with the "How to Measure" reference point sketches to ensure that the plant clearly understands our requirements. We ensure that each sample submitted to a customer for approval is accompanied by a vendor specification table. This sample must meet the specifications for approval of fit and construction.

After approval of the sample and receipt of a purchase order, we order the fabric and apply a 4-point system to control the fabric. Further down the production process, we conduct online and ultimately on-line inspections. These inspections are regularly recorded and sent for our approval. We perform the final inspection of all AQL 4.0 standard orders before shipment.

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