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What is Easter Vogue Buyer Protection?

Easter Vogue Buyer Protection is our guarantee that every transaction you make with Easter Vogue is completely safe. Easter Vogue Buyer Protection consists of 5 parts:
1. Data protection

Pay securely online without worrying about your credit card information being exposed.
2. Payment Protection

Payment will be released to the seller only after you have * confirmed the satisfactory conditions of your purchase. You can also follow the delivery progress at any time.
3. Delivery protection

If you do not receive your purchase within the indicated delivery time ** (maximum 60 days), you will be offered a full refund. A full refund will not be granted if your order has not been received due to factors beyond your control or exceptional circumstances beyond the control of the seller and buyer: eg. if you refuse to clear customs or due to a natural disaster. See more
4. Guaranteed genuine

Some types of products are guaranteed to be authentic by sellers participating in the Easter Vogue Guaranteed Genuine. If the products sold are counterfeit, the seller will compensate the buyer by paying them up to double the total amount paid by the buyer for those products (excluding shipping costs). Easter Vogue will also provide a full refund for the money paid by the buyer. See more
5. Refund Protection

Easter Vogue has a full dispute process to protect you if you are not satisfied with your transaction and get your refund.

* Attention: If you do not click "Confirm order confirmation" in My Easter Vogue within the specified confirmation period, Easter Vogue will automatically consider the order as satisfactory and complete the ordering process.

** In exceptional circumstances beyond AliExpress's control, we reserve the right to ask you to wait longer than the delivery time indicated for your purchase.
When am I covered by Easter Vogue Buyer Protection?

If the item you ordered has not arrived.
If the item you received was not as described.
When the item you received was authentic and insured it was fake. See more
Which transactions are eligible for Easter Vogue Buyer Protection?

    All transactions on Easter Vogue are subject to our Transaction Services Agreement.
    Every payment made on Easter Vogue is covered by Buyer Protection.

What payment methods are accepted on Easter Vogue?

    Western Union
    Bank transfers

    More payment options will be available on AliExpress in the future. Payments that bypass Easter Vogue are not protected by AliExpress. If a seller asks you to make a payment that Easter Vogue ignores, let us know immediately.

With Easter Vogue Buyer Protection you can:

    Resolve disputes with sellers in no time.
    Contact Easter Vogue if negotiation doesn't help with mediation.